Chronic Constipation – 100% Effective Homeopathic Remedies

Chronic or severe Constipation problem is a most common disease in the united state of America - USA. If you search Google you must get tons of remedies about Chronic Constipation. You may try most of them but do not get proper result at all. Actually most of time, it is not possible to give proper remedies for average people. You may get three thousand words long article about his topic but the article is totally unable to give any solution of your problem.

Here I only discuss about few homeopathic remedies which has proven result. We applied those thousands of people and got almost same result. I will give a proper solution for your Chronic Constipation problem. At first you should remember that the action of homeopathic remedy vary person to person. But sometime we get 100% working remedies for majority number of people.
If my suggestion will not work for you please do not hesitate to contact your nearby homeopathic doctor for better suggestion. Because sometimes it is very essential to observe your characteristics symptoms and it is not possible online. Ok. Here is your solution. I suggest you take only two remedies at first. Continue 15 days and if you get proper and fruitful result do not stop taking the remedies. You should continue at least 5 month if it is Chronic Constipation.

Working Homeopathic Remedies for Chronic Constipation:-Your disease is Chronic and now you need to take high power remedy. Here I am going you give you two fruitful remedies with 10M Power. These do not have any side effects. But I suggest everybody that if you feel uneasy then just stop taking any homeopathic remedies and then everything become all right automatically. Because homeopathy is a save treatment program.
  • Graphites – 10 M
  • Alumina – 10 M
The power 10 M only for adult people. Please do not apply it for any children. It is only for adult male and female.
How to use: 
  • Take 2/3 drops of Graphites – 10 M and mix with quarter cup of water and take it twice a day
  • Take 2/3 drops of Alumina – 10 M and mix with quarter cup of water and take it twice a day
  • You need to give minimum 10 minutes interval between taking two remedies. 
  • Continue those 15 days and inform your result us. 
  • You can write your review in the comment box about the result. 
Remember there are many homeopathic remedies for Chronic Constipation. But most of them need to apply observing the characteristic symptoms of patients. But we got very fruitfully result applying those two remedies to average number of people. If these two remedies do not show any result for you, do not hesitate to contact any registered homeopathic doctor.

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