Causes of Liver Damage - Common Habits That Ruin the Liver

Some common habits are damaging our liver day by day. If we give attention to them we can get rid from liver diseases easily. The liver is a very important organ in our body that filters various toxins, works during digestion, produces bile and transforms proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins into other substances. If this procedure broken down our body machine proceed to death gradually. For these reasons, it is essential that we take care of our livers. We need to take proper foods and change our habit of everyday life

Sleeplessness:- It was found in a study that sleeplessness can cause oxidative stress to the liver. Astonishingly, sleep deprivation can have some serious-effects on the liver's state of our body. When we sleep, human body goes into a repair procedure. Lack of sleep will ruin the elimination procedure and injure the liver. So, everybody should make sure they get a good eight hours of sleep. 

Alcoholism:- Alcohol is a common reasons to destroy kidney day by day. You may be astonished to hear that 3 glasses of alcohol everyday is definite to cause liver cancer. The too much amount of alcohol reduces the liver’s capacity to remove toxins from the body. Taking of alcohol in heavy amounts can cause harm to the liver. 
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Smoking:- It is another reason of kidney damage. The toxic chemicals present in cigarette smoke slowly reach the liver and cause oxidative stress, producing free radicals that harm our liver cells. Actually the effect of cigarette smoke impacts the kidney indirectly. There are many side-effects of cigarette smoking and liver injure is one of them. So we should try to leave it permanently for a healthy life.

Poor Nutrition and Obesity:- Eating too many wrong foods can cause fat to build up in the liver. Just like over consumption of alcohol, the poor eating habits can harm our liver over a period of time. The cause for that is that too much of the wrong foods cause excess fat build-up in our liver. So we should be careful about it.

Overuse of Drugs:- You do not get any allopathic medicine without side effects. There are many home remedies those are not good taking all time. Only Homeopathic remedies are safe taking in regular dosages. Consumption of allopathic medicines, herbs and supplements in excess can gradually damage the liver and lead to a mild to severe liver failure.
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