10 effective and proven ways to lose 3 pounds a week without dieting

In my previous article I wrote details to taking some effective homeopathic remedies to lose extra body fat. Only homeopathy is secure and side effect less method to treat various diseases. Yes, no side effects seen if you take regular dosages. Sometimes few remedies do not match with your body according to symptoms and show another symptom. At that time if you stop taking them remedy generated symptoms will go automatically. Actually it is not side effect harmful anything. It is better to discuss with your nearby homeopathic physician if you do not know the basic rules of homeopathy.

In this article I discuss about 10 effective and proven ways to lose 3 pounds a week without dieting. But is it possible within this time? May be yes or no! Actually it totally depends on you. Here are those effective ways – 
  1. Fill Your Plate with Super foods
  2. Eat 3 Meals Plus 2 Snacks
  3. Hydration Therapy (Drink More Water)
  4. Get a Fitness Tracker
  5. Start Playing a Sport
  6. Cut Out Sugar
  7. Walk One Hour Every Day
  8. Build Lean Muscle
  9. Start Doing Yoga
  10. Cut Off Junk Food and Fast Food
Please watch this video to know details about them.Video: Lose weight in a week  without dieting and exercising
Lose weight in a week
I also suggest taking most effective homeopathic remedies to reduce your extra body weight. The formula is working on thousands of patient. If you do not have another fatal symptom you can also try this.
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