How to Prevent Getting Sexually Impotent

To prevent any Sexual Impotence I suggest you to take proper and healthy food. I will not suggest you to take too much food every day. If you search Google you will get 50+ foods which will improve your male functions. But you may already know that all of them are not effective. The result of these foods may vary person to person.

In this article I suggest you only take milk and honey every day. Yes, you can also take garlic and ginger time to time. But honey and milk are the best food to improve male sexual stamina and prevent Impotence.

Milk:- You should take a glass of milk every night after taking your food. It will keep your body free from such kinds of diseases which are responsible for the Impotence problem. Remember your sexuality is also a part of your body.
Honey:- It is the best food to increase sexual stamina for male. Not only male all age people can take this healthy food supplement. I suggest please do not take any excited medicines just take honey every morning. You can take one or two spoon of honey mix with one glass of water. Or you can also take it twice a day after taking male. 

Do not take honey and milk in empty stomach. Because it may create gas and destroy the power of milk and honey nutrition. If you have any query please do not hesitate to drop it in the comment box. Thanks
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