Stomach pain in children and Homeopathic Treatment

Stomach pain is a common disease of children particularly among school going student and adolescents. There are several reasons behind this Stomach pain. Constipation, some other disorder in stomach, worm are also responsible for it. Pain may consequence from inflammation, distension, ischemia, obstruction or constipation. The urinary tract infections can also cause the stomach or abdominal pain for all aged people.

Homeopathic treatment of stomach pain in children:- There are some useful and working remedy in homeopathy to treat Stomach pain. You need to know proper symptoms of every remedy to treat this problem. 

Here are some popular remedies with core symptoms. You can also learn more from the homeopathic materia medica.

Nux Vom:- Most common remedy and one of the best homeopathic medicine for such complaints particularly due to indigestion of children.

Colocynthis:- When see the pain which is better by bending double or by hard pressure you can prescribe it.

Chamomilla:- During any Stomach pain if spasmodic pain especially after anger found then remember this remedy.

Dioscorea:- Pain which is better by bending backward are the main symptom of Dioscorea to treat stomach pain.

Belladonna:- Pain due to intestinal obstruction is the most common symptom of Beladonna.

Natrum Carb:- When you found pain which is relieved by eating then apply Natrum Carb.

Cuprum Met:- When found violent spasms which is aggravated by cold drinks . Mag Phos also give same result in many times.

China Off:- When found the stomach pain associated with distension and fullness specially after eating then this remedy is more fruitfull.

Pulsatilla:- It has some interesting symptoms. If you found pain which is caused after taking rich food and gripping pain which is related with profuse watery diarrhea then apply Pulsatilla.