Homeopathic medicine or treatment of Syphilis

It is known to all that Homeopathy is the best alternative and most popular holistic systems of medicine all around the world. Here you find very effective and side effect less remedy to treat any complicated disease. There are following remedies which are helpful in the treatment of syphilis:

Merc Cor: This homeopathic remedy corresponds to active and destructive cases, as in syphilitic ulcerations, which are very critical, serpiginous ulcers with ragged edges, phagedenic ulcerations and acute bubos are the core symptoms of Merc Cor.

Carbo Veg: If you want to apply this remedy you need to keep eye to some core symptoms such as - Syphilitic ulcers with high edges which become irritable from local treatment; ragged, undermined; discharge thin, margins of sores sharp, offensive, acrid, ulcers much painful and easily bleed.

Kreosote: It is a well known homeopathic medicine to treat syphilis. It main symptoms are severe bone pains, aggravation at the night time, painfulness of scalp leading to alopecia. Tertiary syphilis is common sign of this remedy. Central incisors in syphilitic children unevenly set, with irregular cutting edges, notched as well as pointed.

Mercurius: Mercurius corresponds to the majority of symptoms of secondary syphilis. It is the first choice homeopathic medicine for this disease. If you see the syphilitic fever, to soft chancres pain which banish sleep as soon as the patient goes to bed – then you can apply Mercurius.

Hepar Sulph: Hepar Sulph is indispensible when mercury has been abused. So keep in mind it.

Badiaga: It will be helpful in some cases when Syphilis of infants, whole convolutes of hard, bubo, left groin, glandular swellings; hard, unequal, like scirrhus, violent burning stitches during night.

Arsenic Album: It is a helpful remedy for constitutional syphilis, indispensible in the phagedenic Varity of ulcerations with the intense burning pains and in desperate cases of syphilitic infection.

Other important medicines for syphilis: Lachesis, Platinum Met, Graphites, Belladonna, Kalmia, Sulphur, Causticum, fluoric Acid, Colchicum, Phosphorous, and many other medicines. If you want to apply these please study homeopathic materia medica to learn better about them.