Gonorrhea - Causes,Diagnosis, Sign and symptoms

You may hear the word "Gonorrhea" which is an infectious venereal disease and caused by a bacterium Neisseria Gonorrhoeae; characterized by mucopurulent discharge from urethra and burning while urination.

Causes of gonorrhea: It is caused by a bacterium called a neisseria gonorrhoeae, which is simply transmitted through any sexual contact or activities or may spread from mother to child during child bearing period.

Sign and symptoms of gonorrhea:
Symptoms usually start 2 to 5 days, or up to one month after start showing. Females have few or no symptoms. Males usually have symptoms of this diseases.
  • Severe burning sense during the time of urinating
  • From the urethra it is seen white to yellow-green discharge
  • Sometimes seen rectal uneasiness and discharge 
  • Pain in throat
  • Females may experience cramps
  • When the person touches infected genitals and then the eyes
  • If the disease spreads to other body parts: joint, neck, rash, pain, low grade fever, and rigidity then conjunctivitis seen.
    Diagnosis of gonorrhea:
    Female:- In female person the diagnosis of gonorrhea is made by culture of the cervix. The pharynx and anal canal should also be cultured in women. Blood cultures are unlikely to be positive for gonococcus forty eight hours after the onset of gonococcemia.

    Male:- In male person the diagnosis of gonorrhea is made on a gram stain of the urethral discharge by the presence of gram-negative diplococci are seen but are extracellular; a culture is required for diagnosis.

    Homeopathic treatment of gonorrhea:There are many remedies in homeopathic medical science to treat gonorrhea properly. Here are some of them.

    Pulsatilla:- If the symptoms - testicles enlarged, dark-red, retracted, very sensitive to touch are seen then Pulsatilla is the best fit remedy

    Thuja:- Desire sudden and urgent, Severe cutting at close of urination, itching in the urethra, from the male urethra thin watery and greenish discharge with Dysuria and sensation, Frequent Micturation accompanying pains – these are core symptom of Thuja for this purpose.

    Cannabis sativa:- At the acute stage of Gonorrhea when urethra is very sensitive; feel sever burning while urination, stitches in urethra, extending to bladder; with spasmodic closure of sphincter – are the main symptoms.

    Argentum Nitricum:- It is the remedy which could be applied at the early stage of gonorrhea. Urethra inflamed, burning, profuse discharge and terrible cutting pains, itching, pain as from a splinter are main symptoms.

    Alumen:- It is the remedy for the chronic stage of this disease. You may see yellow vaginal discharge and chronic gonorrhea with little lumps along urethra.

    Medorrhinum:- It is a super powerful and working homeopathic remedy for Gonorrhea. Gleets; Often indicated for chronic ailments due to suppressed gonorrhea; whole urethra feels, sore, nocturnal emissions, followed by great weakness are core symptoms of this remedy

    Hydrastis:- You can prescribe this remedy when Gonorrhea acute or chronic; copious, discharge thick, yellow or green, persistent discharge without pain or soreness in urethra.

    Nitric acid:- Gonorrhea with chancres and warts, smarting during urination, urethra burns, discharge from urethra sometimes looks bloody.

    Sepia:- Here you will see the chronic mucus discharges without pain or burning when urinating, Condylomata from suppressing the gonorrhea, milky or yellowish discharge are seen in this homeopathic remedy

    Silicea:- Remember the following symptoms of this remedy - shreddy discharge, foeted pus, long standing cases of gonorrhea, slight, gonorrhea with thick, especially after exertion.

    Natrum Mur:-  it is the bio chemic remedy for chronic gonorrhea. Here you will see gleet; discharge of yellow pus; cutting pain in urethra.

    Erechthites:- Orchitis during gonorrhea or when the discharge was suppressed; scanty bloody discharge; intense pain when urinating.

    Arsenicum:- It is actually apply for the gonorrhea of females. Smarting discharge, gnawing, causing soreness of the parts with which it comes in contact.

    Calcaria phos:- If you see any chronic gonorrhea in anemic persons then apply it.