Autism and Homeopathy

Homeopathy has some awesome remedy to treat autism. Before applying any ot them you need to know core symptoms of all remedy which are work for this function. Few researches shows that the relation of autism with genetics, Environmental, metabolic and immunologic factors are considered to be responsible for the development of this disorder although exact etiology of autism is unknown.

Symptoms of autism:
  • Feels angry when questioned
  • Does not respond to name
  • Difficulty in learning things
  • Cannot continue conversation properly
  • Does not want people to come near to him, do not mingle with others
  • Does not like to talk or when talk may use irrelevant and nonsense words.
  • Least contradiction excites anger
  • Desires this and that but refuses when offered
  • Avoids eye contacts
  • Cannot understand emotions of others
  • Aversion to people around him or her, wants to play alone
  • Delayed speech
  • Poor handwriting
  • Lack of interest
  • Fixed ideas, cannot endure changes
  • Repeat the things and actions again and again
  • Desire to injure self
  • Reduced sensitivity to pain
  • Fearless to even dangerous objects
Homeopathic treatment for autism:
Agaricus muscsarius :- If you want to apply this remedy you need to know the core symptoms of this homeopathic medicine. The main symptoms are -aversion to work, fearlessness, talk but does not answer, loquacity; sings, indifference; great mental excitement and incoherent talking as well as the mental confusion.

Aethusa cynapium:- The Core symptoms of Aethusa cynapium are - uneasy and violent, restless, anxious, inability to think, to fix the attention, detached, idiocy may alternate with furor and irritability

Hyoscyamus:-  Hyoscyamus is a better homeopathic medicine for Autism, Low muttering speech, jealous, very suspicious; talkative, inclined to laugh at everything, obscene, foolish; great hilarity, constant carpholgia, deep stupor; quarrelsome, no love for near once uncovers body; purposeless movements are the main symptoms of Hyoscyamus .

Baryta carb:- It is also a best medicine for Autism. If you find the following symptoms then apply it -mental weakness, loss of memory, bashful, lost confidence in himself, childish behavior, aversion to strangers, grief over trifles; irresolute, patients do not grow and develop, they are backward physically and mentally, very averse to meeting strangers, children subject to Quincy are the main symptoms to treat Autism.

Coffea:- if you want to use Coffea then remember its best symptoms – irritability, hyperactivity and extreme excitement, tossing about anguish.

Tarantula:- It is also a popular homeopathic remedy to treat Autism. The core symptoms are - extreme restless, hyperactive child, sudden mood changes, must keep in constant motion, capricious, disconnected aversion to company, destructive behavior are also seen.

Lyssinum:- The main symptoms of Lyssinum are the sight and sound of running water or pouring water makes child dreadful; dread of bright light

There is some other remedy to treat Autism. Rheum and Kali brom are also popular for this function.