Solution of Impotence, masturbation habit, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission

I wrote several articles about impotence, masturbation habit, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission and penis length. But I got lots of emails about these topics. From the writing of my reader it is very clear to me that they want to know the name of specific remedies to solve the problems instantly. But it is not possible giving the proper homeopathic remedies without knowing all of the symptoms. Most of my readers have written me……
  1. Sir, I have premature ejaculation problem. I cannot satisfy my wife. Please give me proper medicines.
  2. My sperm density is very low and I cannot stay long time during sexual intercourse. Please help me.
  3. I have a habit of masturbate from my teenage. I cannot leave it. I need your help sir, give me the best medicine.
  4. Sir, my penis length is very small; Write me about the best medicine to solve my problem.
  5. I am suffering from nocturnal emission. And I took treatment long time but result is zero. Please help me sir.
I any of my reader wants to know about the solution of his sexual problem, generally I ask him about some relevant questions. Such as: 
  1. Are you married? 
  2. Do white drops come out before or during stool / or after urination 
  3. Any wet dreams. 
  4. Do you  still masturbate and how often, does u seek solitude to practice masturbation 
  5. Do you always or mostly think or fascinate about sexual matters. 
  6. Do you feels physical weakness too? 
  7. Do hairs from head or whole body like eye brows, lashes, whiskers or chest hairs fall. 
  8. How much you urinate, too much or normal. How is your face appearance, any dark circles around eyes, is it pale etc.
After getting the returning email I get a conception about his physical condition and try to solve his problems. Most of my readers want to get direct treatment of his disease. But here I do not like to write about the medicines or treatment process. I am going to make you free from the anxious about your problems. From my experience I know very well that maximum number of people have not proper knowledge about their sexual life. Young generation have also wrong conception. So in the Indian subcontinent most of the unmarried person think that they are the patients of these diseases. But when any homeopath observes them, they do not get any major problem.
What is the secret of sex or male disease? Come to know about it.
Impotence, masturbation habit, premature ejaculations are not problems. These are just symptoms. There are two major reasons are responsible for these problems. They are.......
  • Low sperm count or low sperm density 
  • Loss of albumin in urine
You may be experienced frequent or urgent urination. It is one of the symptoms of loss of albumin in urine. White drops come out before or during stool / or after urination is the symptoms of Low sperm count or low sperm density.

If anybody can identify these two reasons and take proper homeopathic remedies then Impotence and premature ejaculations are very simple matter to remove.

Masturbation habit is actually related to physical and mental condition of patients. Bufo Rana is one of the best remedies to solve this problem form the root level.

To remove the nocturnal emission homeopath should identify the proper symptoms of the patients. If any of my readers suffer from these problems can be informed me answering the above questions. I shall try to give you best suggestion to solve the problems. I wish your happy life.