Nightmares or Bad dreams and Homeopathy

Nightmare is a very common to all. Everybody experienced of this bad dream one or more times. But sometimes it comes as a problem to some people. It is actually scary dreams that awaken an individual especially children and often make them afraid to go back to sleep. This problem generally occurs in the very early hours of the morning. Usually Children can experience this bad dream as night terror which causes them to scream out and also cause them to jump into bed with parents. Adults also experience nightmares. There is not any specific reason behind this problem. Physical and mental disabilities drive a nightmare. From the natural belief nightmares are the result  of the nervous and stress disorders.

In homeopathy, we apply many useful remedies to treat this problem. Some of them remove all the physical and mental problems along with that bad dream.
Calcarea carb: This a well known homeopathic remedy for nightmare. The patients of this remedy are often with obesity, gets nightmares from the television, weak ankles etc. These are the main symptoms of the patients of Calcarea carb.

Tuberculinum: Some homeopathic doctor like to use Tuberculinum to treat bad dream. This remedy is actually for children. If you get a child with aggressive behavior and night terrors then this remedy is appropriate to apply.

Carcinosinum: when the children is very sympathetic, doesn’t like consolation, passionate, sensitive with nightmare problem then must use to treat Carcinosinum. Adult-like children are the proper patient of this remedy.

Paeonia: When bad dreams combined with hemorrhoids then some homeopath like to give Paeonia. Sometimes it gives better result.
Phosphorus: If you find the following symptoms in a patient just apply Phosphorus to treat nightmare. Symptoms are- fears the dark, ghosts; very impressionable; oversensitive; social person; cannot see scary movies, the tendency to nosebleeds.

Stramonium: It is one of the main remedy for nightmare both for children and young person. When the patients wake from nightmare screaming, but cannot remember the dreams then we apply homeopathic Stramonium to remove the problem for its root level. It gives quick result.