“Suicidal thoughts at night after disappointed love” and other symptoms of Antimonium Crudum

Symptoms of Homeopathic Antimonium Crudum

Antimonium Crudum is a special homeopathic remedy for the mental symptoms though we use it for various problems such as gout, toothache, corns, chicken pox, diarrhea, very painful calluses on feet and hands, several skin and nail states, cracked nails and skin etc. After disappointed love when suicidal thoughts come at night then Antimonium Crudum is one of the standard solutions. According to the homeopathy materia medica we find there are many symptoms of this remedy for our body. Some of them are shown below. Mental and other symptoms of Antimonium Crudum -
Core Symptoms 
Face :- Splits in corners of the mouth, eruption on the eyelids are the symptoms of Antimonium Crudum for face 

Mind  :- Antimonium Crudum has some specific symptoms for mind. Anxieties at night in bed about the future, emotional childishness, suicidal thoughts at night after the disappointed love. person are very sensitive along with closed individual. Romantic thoughts, emotions those give painful experiences, happiness walking in moonlight, emotions in candlelight and the moonlight, very sensitive to touch, weeping and fantasies, sensation music, poems are very common symptoms. 

Mouth :- Pappy taste, cracks in the corners of mouth, milky tongue, the tongue coated thick white color, tongue is as like as snow, canker sores are the symptoms for mouth. 

Eyes :- Eyes are red, inflamed eyes lids, pustules on margins, conjunctivitis 
Stomach :- Diarrhea problem from sour food and the drinks. Antimonium Crudum also shows desire for acids, nausea, sigestive problems, vomiting, wish for pickles, eructation tasting of the ingest, totally loss of appetite 

Stool :- For stool we get some symptoms of Antimonium Crudum. These are: flatulent stools, very common is diarrhea, mucous piles, Especially in old people constipation is common. Continued oozing of the mucus. Diarrhea after acids and the sour wine 

Male Organs :- Impotency with atrophied testes, atrophy of testicles and penis, eruption on scrotum are the symptoms for male organs of Antimonium Crudum 

Female Organs :- Symptoms of Antimonium Crudum for female are given below: 
Sexual desire increased, excited, suppressed menses, bearing down sense of uterus, leucorrhoea watery, menses profuse and too early, menses suppressed from the cold bathing 

Skin  :-Eczema problem with the gastric derangements, dry and cracked skin, itching when warm in the bed, sensitive to cold bathing, urticaria, dry gangrene are the symptoms of Antimonium Crudum for skin 

Better for :- At the time of rest and in the fresh air 

Worse for :- Cold foods, touch, extremely hot, cold are responsible for worse of the problems.  

Suicidal thoughts at night after disappointed love:- From Homeopathic Materia Medica we get some interesting symptoms for some remedies. Antimonium Crudum is one to them. In our society we see some common incidents. But for the lack of proper knowledge we cannot tackle those situations. Even you may be observed some odd condition in your friends or family members. 

A suicidal thought at night especially after disappointed love is one of the very interesting symptoms of Antimonium Crudum. If any homeopath treats with proper potency of this remedy he must be astonished to see the result of Antimonium Crudum. It changes the mental condition of affected persons.