Oversensitive, slightest offence irritates and other symptoms of Angustura vera

Common symptoms of homeopathic Angustura vera
Angustura vera is a homeopathic remedy directly acts on our mucous membranes and on the spinal motor nerves. Excitability and oversensitive mental condition, slightest offence irritates, greatest craving for coffee, paralysis, stiffness of the joints and muscles, tetanus are most important characteristic symptoms of Angustura vera. The remedy comes from the bark of the Galipea Cusparia. The effects of Angustura vera are very closely to Ruta, Merc and Nux Vomica. Here are the main symptoms of this useful homeopathic remedy. Core symptoms of Angustura vera -
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01 Mind Oversensitive, absence of mind, tendency to take alarm, nervousness of character, want of self-confidence, pusillanimity, Ill-humor and also unhappiness, liveliness of mind, very excitement along with gaiety.
02 Eyes Pressure and tension in the eyes, feeling of dryness and pain, pressure as from too strong a light, soreness as of excoriation in the eyelids, Sight confused as if by a mist. Heat, burning and redness in the eyes, Eyes fixed and immovable, objects so far distant, Irregular stretching open of the eye lids.
03 Head Head puzzled with foolishness as if after intoxication, headache with heat in the face, dizziness in the open air, headache one side, Headaches emerge mostly at sunset, uninteresting pains, giddiness on passage a stream of water, ache like that of a contusion, sharp in the temples, cramp-like soreness in the head.
04 Face Stress of the facial muscles. Warmth and bluish redness of the face, ,mental excitement, pains in the cheek bones.
05 Ears Decrease of hearing, Cramp-like ache in the ears, Warmth in the ears, Tearing and jerking before in the ears.
06 Stomach Nausea while walking in the open air, pain as of sharp excoriation in the stomach, unlikable taste, nausea while dining, pain at the beginning of a meal, loss of appetite, pain in the pit of the stomach
07 Abdomen Pain in the abdomen, diarrhea and colic, cutting pains, pains after having taken hot milk, burning in anus, shooting pain in the abdomen, chronic diarrhea.
08 Female Organs Problems with the right ovary, feeling uterus was whipping against the right ovary, sensation as if the uterus was beating against the right hip.
09 Male Organs Itching of all these male organs, seminal emissions, sometimes voluptuous
10 Anus and Stool Stools frequent, tenesmus with the soft stool, diarrhea with mucus, burning in the anus at stool, diarrhea with colicky pains, pressive and contractive pain in the anus, diarrhea night and day, pain with inflammation of the hemorrhoids
Most of the homeopath tries to treat their patients with some alternative remedies. They are not interested to use Angustura vera. But if the symptoms of slightest offence irritates, Oversensitive, Headache one side, stomach pain at the beginning of a meal, Problems with the right ovary of women are seen then Angustura vera should be used. It has some special symptoms which I have mentioned in the initial part of this article. Try to observe these symptoms of your patients before apply it.

Here I have also mentioned the symptoms of Angustura vera according to our body organ. If any homeopath applies this remedy matching the proper symptoms then he will get desired result. Remember, potency of the remedy is also a main factor. For new disease low potency (6-200)brings good result.

Some homeopathic doctor use Merc, Ruta, and Nux Vomica instead of Angustura vera. These remedies give same result. But if anybody sees the symptoms of oversensitive, slightest offence irritates then he should apply Angustura vera.