Nux Vomica - Anxiety with irritability, inclination to commit suicide and other symptoms

Characteristic symptoms of Homeopathic Nux Vomica
Very popular homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica ( also known as NV) adapted to zealous, thin, careful and irritable person with sanguine temperament and the dark hair. If the character of the person is ardent then this remedy acts very effectively. Dr. Borik said “if you do not know what to give - give Nux Vomica”. Form this statement it is easy to understand that what an important remedy it is! Here are the most common symptoms of Nux Vomica.

Nux vomica is commonly used as a natural remedy for many different symptoms and disorders. It comes from an evergreen tree by the same name, which is native to China, East India, Thailand, and Australia. The raw seeds are nicknamed “poison nut” because of their toxic nature. They must be treated before they are consumed to make them safe. Nux vomica that is used as a supplement can be purchased in a pill or powder form. Nux vomica can affect the nervous system, and is most often used to treat conditions that are acute, or develop rapidly and have a short course. It is sometimes used to treat erectile dysfunction and infertility in men, though actual scientific studies have not yet proven its effectiveness.

Benefits of nux vomica: Some people believe that nux vomica has anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatories are used to treat conditions that are worsened by inflammation, such as rheumatism, asthma, or hemorrhoids. One study found that nux vomica was effective in reducing the inflammation in rat paws. Studies have shown that nux vomica contains powerful antioxidants.
Antioxidants protect you against free radicals, which are chemicals in your body that can damage your cells. The flowers of nux vomica are also believed to have antibacterial properties. According to one study, these properties could potentially be beneficial for use in antiseptics. Further research needs to be conducted. Characteristic symptoms of Homeopathic Nux Vomica - 

Mind:- Careful and zealous persons, get excited and also angry, every safe word offends, anxiety with irritability, inclination to commit suicide, malicious disposition, over sensitiveness, finds fault and scolds, abdominal sufferings and constipation, every little noise frightens, mood Hypochondriac, worse after taking foods, quarrelsome even to violence.

Eyes:- Vision is cloudy, trouble-free injection of the whites of the eyes, irritation with swelling, smarting and burning, dry feeling in internal canthi in the morning time in bed

Head:- Headache in the morning in bed, vertigo after dinner, headache, scalp sensitive to the touch, dizzy and reeling while walking, intoxicated confusion in the head, intoxicated, painful puffiness on the forehead, worse after eating foods, worse with nausea along with sour vomiting, dizzy immensity in the head

Nose:- Coryza, coryza worse in the hot room, fluent in the morning.fluent during the day, and stopped at night, nostrils inside painful, profuse discharge of acrid mucus, warmth in the face,chilliness.

Ears:- Tearing, itching in the ear, worse in the morning in bed, sticking pains.

Mouth:- Tearing toothaches, tongue coated thick white color, tongue and the palate are slimy, cutting in decayed teeth, heaviness of tongue, unpleasant odor from mouth, internal mouth is slimy.

Face:- Whiteness of the face, pimples on the face, irregular neuralgia, tetanic reduction of the jaws, sore desquamation of the lips, tearing pains, Drawing pains in the face.

Abdomen:- Jaundice, stitches in the region of the liver, aversion to food, gall stones, cutting pains as from stones, flatulent swelling of the abdomen after the taking meal.

Stomach:- Bitter and sour eructation, violent hiccough, nausea in morning, heartburn, chaotic stomach from overeating, vomiting of sour mucus, cramping pains. Pressure and Belatedness as from a stone in the stomach after eating

Urinary Organs:- Urine passes in drops, painful, ineffectual urging to urinate, urine pale, whitish, later thick, Burning and tearing in urethra.

Anus and Stool:- Alternate constipation and diarrhoeaa, blind haemorrhoids, discharge of bright-red blood with feces, diarrhea in the morning. Small stools of slimy and bloody mucus

Female:- Coolness and attacks of faintness in menses period, contractive uterine spasms, pressure toward the genitals, during menses nausea in the morning time

Male:- Nightly emissions, bad effects of sexual immoderation, easily excited desire. Very painful erections in morning time.

Here I have mentioned the symptoms of Nux Vomica according to the parts of our body. But what are the main symptoms of this remedy? It is actually a complicated question. We use it for various symptoms of the body. Headache, febrile illnesses, insomnia, disorders of the urinary tract, neuralgia, hemorrhoids, inflammations of the respiratory, paralyses, hepatocystic disorders, nervous irritability, gastrointestinal tracts, rheumatic pain are the common symptoms of homeopathic Nux Vomica. Mother tincture of this remedy is bitter to test but it removes the chronic dysentery forever. Inclination to commit suicide is actually a rare symptom of this remedy. But sometimes it becomes the main arm to apply Nux Vomica.

To use Nux Vomic, try to find the proper physical symptoms of patients. Some it becomes complicated to apply this remedy. Homeopath should also look the contradictory of Nux with other remedy. Over taking of N.V. may create dizziness and some skin problems.