Migraine Headache and Homeopathy

What is the real definition of “Migraine”? Generally we define it as a common type of headache. The actual cause of this headache is still unknown. It may occur with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or some other symptoms. Among them sensitivity of light is very common and well known symptom of migraine. Most of the time, a patient of migraine also suffers by the chronic cold and sinusitis problem. Sinusitis is a very common reason of headache.
Migraine Headache and Homeopathy
Signs and symptoms of migraine: 
The perfect symptoms of this chronic headache vary person to person. Here are some common symptoms: 
  • The pain of migraine may be unilateral or bilateral. That means it may see one side or both side of head. 
  • Some daily activities may aggravate migraine such as walking upstairs. 
  • This headaches are also described as an intense, pounding pain that may involves one temple. Some it attacks in the forehead side, sometimes in the back of your head. 
  • Observing many patients I have seen migraines generally start during the time of awake. 
  • There are also some common symptoms can be easily seen such as: vomiting, Nausea, facial pallor, cold feet, diarrhea etc. 
  • The main symptom can be seen when the sufferer come to day light. Yes, sensitivity to light and sound is also common signs of migraines. 
Homeopathy and Migraine:
In present market you cannot find any medicines which can remove your migraine forever. You can take various medicines but these will not cure this headache only mask the symptoms of migraine. You may astonished that migraine headache itself is not any problem it is just the common symptom of the root problem. For this reason if anybody want get rid from this chronic headache, at first he should identified the main reasons of migraine. 

You will be happy to know only homeopathy can fix the main cause of this headache and can remove it from its root level easily. But it is depends on the experience of your homeopath. I just mention the name of very useful homeopathy remedies: Belladonna, Glonoine, Iris Versicolor, Nux Vomica and Epiphegus. After finding the appropriate reasons, if any homeopathy specialist selects the most effective medicines form those, migraine must go forever as like as other common diseases. At last I remind you that every homeopathy doctor should also look the sinusitis problem and should prescribe proper medicines along with the treatment of migraine.