Depressed, weeping, jealous and other symptoms of Apis Mellifica

Symptoms of Homeopathic Apis Mellifica
Homeopathic Apis Mell is form the honey bees and is wonderful match for removing the problem of swelling and itching of the insect bites, hornet, wasp, and some kinds of mosquito, bee stings, and other flying insects. It has special characteristics for weeping, depressed, jealous and sexual organs, unable to concentrate the mind when trying to read or study though we use it for the sunburn, insect bites and stings. These are very common symptoms of Apis Mellifica. Here we mention the most common symptoms of this remedy according to the homeopathic materia medica.

Swelling, watery-filled localized areas of redness and inflammation are the hallmark of Apis. The affected area has a puffy appearance and sometimes looks like bags of water under the skin. This is not unlike the edema produced by allergic reactions. More often than not, it occurs under the eyes and is sometimes accompanied by hives. When an eye is nearly shut with swelling, Apis is probably the correct medicine. Hence, the most common conditions Apiswill relieve are eye infections such as conjunctivitis and styes, sore throats, hives, stings from insects, and urinary tract infections. Mental and other symptoms of Apis Mellifica -
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Core Symptoms
01 Mind
The mental symptoms of this remedy are very striking. Weeping at the night and day. Cannot concentrate mind when attempting to read or study. unconsciousness, Cannot sleep from worrying about everything. great sadness, apathy, sudden shrill, Piercing screams. Unable to sleep from tantalizing thoughts, indifference, jealous, cannot think clearly. Constant tearfulness without any cause. These are main symptoms of Apis Mellifica in our mind.
02 Skin Core symptoms of Apis Mellifica for skin are: thick rash all over the body, Rashes are of a rose color. Swellings after bites. Burning and also oedema. Sore, Erysipelas with swelling. Unexpected puffing up of the whole body. Sensitive, Carbuncles with burning. Erysipelas with the sensitiveness. Spots with the stinging pain.
03 Head & Brain Brain feels very tired, sudden stabbing pains, congestion of the brain, worse on closing eyes, vertigo with sneezing, worse on lying, not as good as on motion, better on the pressure.
04 Ears
Sore, inflamed and stinging pains. External ears are red color 
05 Eyes Apis Mellifica is a great remedy for eyes. its symptoms in eyes are: lids swollen, sudden sharp pains, chronic granular lids, Lids are red color. Photophobia, inflamed blood vessel, lachrymation hot, Conjunctiva puffy and bright red.Inflammation of the eyes. Pain around the orbits. Worse from looking at snow. Serous exudation and also oedema.
06 Face Face swollen, Erysipelas with the stinging burning oedema. Stinging like fire, whole face is sometimes in a state of the oedema. red color, better from washing, sharp pain, burning as like as fire, worse from the heat.
07 Nose Chilliness of the nose tips. red color, nose swollen, inflamed, sharp pains.
08 Stomach Vomiting of food, sore feeling, Retching and vomiting with nervousness. Thirst less, Vomiting of the sour and sour fluids. Craving for the milk.
09 Mouth Symptoms of Apis Mellifica for mouth are-sweltering in mouth and also the throat, tongue fiery red, cancer of the tongue, gums swollen, tongue swollen and sore, especially upper lips swollen, tongue feels scalded and trembling.
10 Abdomen Dropsy of abdomen, Peritonitis, Inflammation in the right groin, Sore, bruised on the pressure.
11 Urine Involuntary and frequent, incontinence, burning when urinating. Stinging pain, last drops burn are the core urine symptoms of Apis Mellifica
12 Stool Cholera infant type, the anus seems open, diarrhea watery as well as yellow color. Unable to urinate without a stool. The anus feels raw, bloody and painless stool.

Homeopathic remedies are applied according to the suitable symptoms. Apis Mellifica has also specific symptoms which we have mentioned above. I have separated all the symptoms of this remedy according to our body organ. Every homeopathic remedy has some fundamental sign and symptoms. Only and experienced homeopath can realize this secret. But remember; when you get any person with depressed, weeping and jealous symptoms do not hesitate to apply Apis Mellifica.