Homeopathy and Cold, Cough & Asthma problem

I am going to write about the using process of medicines which we use for the treatment of Asthma. During my early life I knew that asthma is just controllable. But you might be happy to hear that some medicines of homeopathy can give you perfect and permanent solution of this problem. These medicines not only minimize the difficulty of asthma but also cure this disease.

It is true that the effect of homeopathic medicines vary person to person. So sometimes our patients need to obey some rules and regulations. Dust and cold are also responsible for asthma. At that time they need to protect themselves for dust and need to bring change their lifestyle during taking medicines. 

Because inflammation of the lungs plays a critical role in this disease, the most successful medications for long-term control have anti-inflammatory effects. Various forms of anti-inflammatory medicine are available. But we refer some powerful and most effective homeopathic medicines. The list has given below. 

We get 60% asthma patients with sinus problem. At that situation we need to give perfect medicines to solve sinus problem also. I don not give any prescription here. I just write symptoms the remedies of  cold and Asthma.
Symptoms of homeopathic remedies  for cold
No For
01 Lemna minor           If anybody experienced the following symptoms with cold, then Lemna minor is number one solution of this problem. Symptoms are - Sinus infections, loss of smell, nasal obstruction, post-nasal dropping, hay fever, asthma, mouth breathing
    02 Hepar sulph Hepar sulph is very common homeopathic remedy for cold. The symptoms of this remedy for cold are - Deep, barking voice, late stages of stuffy colds, wheezing, disgusting attacks, choking cough, hoarse and rattling, may cough up thick yellow mucus, loose and rattling cough.
      03 Euphrasia If you find allergy with the following symptoms then apply Euphrasia. Symptoms are - Tears with cough, swellings, margins, inflammation; of catarrh from cold, blocked nose with cough, watery nose, discharge from nose, itching, dry allergy.

        Symptoms of homeopathic remedies for Asthma
        No For
        01 Blatta Orientalis Blatta Orientalis indicate the cough,  problem of inhaling and swelling symptoms along with the Asthma.
          02 Yerba-Sana Severe Asthma and problem of inhaling are symptoms of Yerba-Sana for Asthma.
            03 Grindelia Robusta Grindelia Robusta is one of the core remedy of Asthma. Its symptoms are - Must sit up to breathe, terrible fullness in head, conjunctiva injected, mucous expectoration, asthma, with profuse tenacious expectoration
              04 Aralia Racemosa Homeopathic Aralia Racemosa is also a useful remedy for Asthma. If you find the given symptoms then don't late to apply it. Symptoms are - Dry cough coming on after first sleep, feels as if a foreign body were in throat, obstruction worse in spring, Asthma on lying down at the night time with irregular cough, Asthma worse after first sleep, with tickling in the throat, constriction of chest.