Symptoms of Ammonium Causticum Homeopathic Remedy

Signs and symptoms of Ammonium Causticum
Ammonium Causticum is a cardiac stimulant and it also reduces the severe blood pressure. The edema as well as ulceration of mucous membranes created by this highly effective medicine are actually applied as driving signs and symptoms with regard to its use; therefore in membranous croup along with burning in esophagus.
Action of Ammonium Causticum: 
  • It is a powerful cardiac stimulant
  • It also reduces the blood pressure
  • It is applied to mucous membranes 
Relatives : 
  1. Kali caust
  2. Alcohol
Generalities of Ammonium Causticum: 
  1. Beating the bed clothes. 
  2. Emaciation with regular vomiting, hectic flush on cheeks, weak, frequent pulse, tongue foul, eyes sunken, constipation headache as well as weakness. 
  3. Cramps. 
  4. Trembling 
  5. Bleeding from the nose, ears, mouth, eyes and causing the faintness. 
White-colored spots about dialect and also inside involving cheeks, congestion regarding mucous tissue layer of tonsils as well as pharynx, eating tough, frequent vomiting, respiration rapid as well as short, along with râles, cyanosis, soon after unconscious along with half-open sight, pupils somewhat caught, withdrawal leading to convulsions. 

Semi-conscious, breathing noisy and hurried pupils dilated; pulse rapid, mucus and shreds of mucous membrane, pain in abdomen sweat, vomiting, afterwards hoarseness, heavy, skin, dry, heat, drowsy condition, face dusky, later lips swollen, tongue dry, mucous membrane of mouth eroded, softened and inflamed, burning pain in throat and pit of stomach, pain and tenderness of abdomen on touch, coma as well as incessant retching. 

Face pale, nervous and also engrossed in sticky sweating, extremities cold, heartbeat fast, as well as weak, throat and mouth red-colored along with inflamed, burning pain in throat, hard eating, feeling of impending suffocation, tone of voice lowered to a whisper, inhaling and exhaling noisy, frequent and laborious, vomiting of mucous tinged along with blood, intense mucus in throat causing suits of cough as well as illness. 

  • Confusion, with pressure in temple ; confusion, with rumbling in abdomen. 
  • Forehead, where the vessels are full of blood, hot to touch. 
  • Experience throughout mind just as if constrained asunder at the center, on the the front and each party. 
  • Pressure in occiput. 
  • Pressure in frontal region, with feeling as if the head would split. 
  • Red and also shining. 
  • Pupils contracted ; dilated as well as eyes inverted. 
  • Haggard, injected, and lids swollen. 
  • Sunken along with pupil dilated. 
  • Spasmodically turned upward and lids closed. 
  • Lachrymation. 
  • Conjunctiva yellow. 
  • Yellowish chemosis. 
  1. Anxiety. 
  2. Anguish ; with suffocation along with constriction of throat. 
  3. Timidity. 
  4. Feel back, in sensible, as if choked. 
  5. Despondency. 
  6. Despair. 
  7. Excitement in evening, with small, quick pulse and increased oppression. 
  8. Coma. 
  • Pain 
  • Rumbling with confusion of head. 
  • Soft. 
  • Smelling of ammonia. 
  • Incontinence of. 
  • Albuminuria. 
  • Much sediment, consisting of urates. 
  • Suppressed. 
  • Scanty, red-colored 
  • High-colored, thick, with abundant heavy lateritious elimination. 
  • Alkaline and dark. 
  • Mouth white ; and also palate and also œsophagus in terms of obvious, using blisters ; 
  • Tongue coated white-colored, painful and tender, with spots of the membrane layer achieved. 
  • Black coat at tip. 
  • Much mucus ; much limpid mucus from salivary glands and mucous membrane of pharynx. 
  • Albuminous, viscid, bloody secretion pouring from mouth and nares. 
  • mouth ,Tongue, as well as fauces red and raw, when asked where the pain was he pointed to ponum adami, under left ear. 
  • Curled pieces of white-colored skin detached from tongue and throat, as well as those parts are red. 
  • Mouth and alos throat dark red, tender, swollen, with epithelium detached in places. 
  • Burning, in œsophagus and stomach. 
  • Burning pain from the mouth to stomach. 
  • Dry tongue. 
  • Burning and scraping at root of tongue and at posterior wall of fauces. 
  • Teeth clenched. 
  • Foaming. 
  • Salivation ; bloody. 
  • Deafness. 
  1. Coryza. 
  2. Stream of bloody fluid, and also from the mouth. 
  3. More serious liquid. 
  4. Watery fluid running from, along with air is totally excluded.
Generally we use the potency of Ammonium Causticum instead of its mother tincture. Because it's potency is more effective than mother Tincture. The potency may vary from 30 to 10M. We also suggest to take pure medicines. Germany and American homeopathic potency medicines are better than local.