Homeopathic remedies for Piles/Hemorrhoids

Homeopathy and Piles/Hemorrhoids
Inadequate exercise, overeating and Constipation contribute to the piles or hemorrhoids problems. It is the troublesome varicose veins in the anal as well as the rectal region of the body. This problem lead to severe pain, protrusion and bleeding after the bowel movements. Piles can be occurring at any age. The science of homeopathy contribute to reduce the disease of hemorrhoids or piles. Here are some successful remedies for the piles treatment. we have given appropriate potencies which are more effective and work quickly than others.
To reduce the primary condition of piles problem Thuja Occidentalis and Calcarea Fluorica are most successful remedies. Most the patients of piles  suffer from constipation. To decrease the trouble of piles it is very essential to remove constipation. The high potency of Alumina and Graphites are applied for that. If bloods are seen mix with stool then Milllefolium and Hamamelis are the perfect solution. AEsculus hip, Collinsonia and Ratanhia are also use to reduce other symptoms of piles.

The action of homeopathic remedies depends on their suitable potencies. One remedy can be used for various diseases. Potency is the main factor. In the old stage of Piles/Hemorrhoids we need to apply high potency (1M - 50M). But if you want to use Milllefolium and Hamamelis then mother tincture is the best selection. Mother tinctures of these remedies give prompt result. 

Anybody can use the mentioned remedies according to his/her symptoms. We use these according to the best symptoms of the patients. You should contact with an experienced homeopath before taking homeopathic remedies. But if you know the basic rules of homeopathy then it is better for you. Or you can Contact Us if you live in Bangladesh.