Digitalis - Benefits, Symptoms, Side Effects, Indications

Digitalis Purpurea - Homeopathic Remedy for Heart and Circulatory Disease

Digitalis Purpurea - A very popular homeopathic remedy (a cardiac glycoside), manufactured in the form of drops and beads. The remedy is prepared on the basis of a two-year plant digitalis, which was collected just before flowering.

Digitalis is used in allopathic medicine from heart problems. The main impact the remedy has on the motor center of circulation, a heart and the vagus nerve on the capillary system of the heart muscle. The remedy is considered to be a sedative. Under its influence the patient becomes calm, his movements slowed. But the thoughtless use of the remedy did more harm than good because his overdose often led to cardiac arrest.

A Brief description:-
  • Name: Digitalis
  • Raw materials: digitalis red, Digitalis purpurea L.
  • Family: figwort, Scrophulariaceae
  • Granules: D3, C3, C6 and higher
  • Drops: D3, C3, C6 and higher

Digitalis Uses in Homeopathy

Large dosages of Digitalis lead to the development of asystole. It is his property, and use of homeopathy. Acts basic principle of "treating like with like". The remedy, which is able to trigger the development of asystole. During homeopathic treatment asystole manifests itself in several phases:
  • First. Pulse is slowing.
  • Second. Pulse quickens.
  • Third. Slow pulse alternates subsequent acceleration.
Such effects on the human body are healing. First, there is a special effect, which is replaced toxic.
  • The therapeutic effect is on the vascular structures, liver, and kidneys.
  • Arteries and capillaries are reduced only when exceeding the recommended dosage.
  • There eliminating swelling and normalization operation of the water-based balance in the body.
  • Immediately after the reception, there is a reduction or even the almost complete cessation of urine output. Even urination renewed and become very frequent, disturbing night's sleep and exhausting man.
  • The duration of treatment leads to the development of vomiting, disturbance of appetite, constipation, and arrhythmias.
  • The patient may experience delirium.
Frequently occurring symptoms mistaken for tuberculous meningitis.

Features of the patient's mind of Digitalis

Digitalis appointed people who have nightmares. Which at the same time the patient is afraid of? Choking in his sleep. This symptom appears in the patient each time he falls asleep. In the dream, the patient is breathing quite hard and catch the breath.

In his hands trembling and voice notes. In the absence of timely treatment, the patient loses the ability to maintain itself.

Often Digitalis - this is the only chance to overcome the disease and return to normal life.

Effect on human of Digitalis

Digitalis homeopathic remedy has on the human impact of the following:
Head. Walking and climbing stairs dizziness appears. Present pain in the forehead. After drinking, pain in the nose. Complexion - gives blue. There is confusion and there is noise in the head.

Eyes:- Marked cyanosis century. Before my eyes constantly flashing "flies". A person loses the ability to see green. The eyelids swell and stick together in the morning. Possible retinal detachment. There are diplopia and blurred vision.

Stomach:- There is the pain on the left side of the peritoneum. In the area there epigastric pronounced pain, which is pulsating in nature and does not depend on food intake.

Stomach:- In the mouth, there is a sweet aftertaste. The patient suffers from nausea and recurrent vomiting. The stomach area is marked a distinct burning sensation that is moving down the esophagus. The man begins to stir up even after he feels the smell of food. It is noted over-activity of the salivary glands.

Intestines:- Stool has a light color and liquid consistency.

Bladder:- The urine becomes dark and is excreted in small portions. The place have frequent false urge to empty the bladder. When urinating notes burning and pain.

Female reproductive system:- Marked uterine bleeding. There have been a lot of pain before menstruation, which is accompanied by pain in the back, as in childbirth.

Male reproductive system:- After intercourse appears severe weakness in the genital area. At night possible involuntary emission of semen. The scrotum may grow to the size of the bladder.

Breath:- Organs of the respiratory system are also subject dysfunction. The patient wants to breathe deeply, but it prevents a cough. At the same time released the sputum may have a sweet taste. With the development of heart failure marked hemoptysis. When you are sitting with a straight back marked deterioration. Complications occur after meals and listening to loud music. The patient starts to feel better in the open air and on an empty stomach.

It is important! Please be aware that individuals may be increased sensitivity to the remedy, so as to avoid undesirable consequences, it can be taken only under the supervision of a homeopath.

Side Effects of Digitalis

Diarrhea, loss of appetite, muscle weakness, drowsiness, headache, and fatigue may occur as your body adjusts to the medication. Inform your doctor if you develop: confusion, visual disturbances (blurred vision or yellow/green halos around objects), fast/slow/irregular heartbeat, skin rash, breast enlargement, severe stomach upset. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your homeopathic physician

Indications:-Digitalis is assigned in the following cases:
  • Asystole and hypostatic congestion of the lungs.
  • Bleeding from the nose and coughs having the cardiac origin.
  • Edema, dropsy, and jaundice.
  • Dizziness, and prostate hypertrophy.
Dosing recommendations :- According to specialists, Digitalis dosage should contain the following: 3rd decimal dilution (1: 1000), which corresponds to the 5 solutions dropwise. In the presence of jaundice dosage, it should be minimal.

  • Digitalis is incompatible with China.
  • Among the antidotes can be isolated Serpentarium (Serpentaria) and camphor.
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