Uses and symptoms of Allium cepa

Most common but valuable name is Allium cepa in the homeopathic materia medica. It has some specific symptoms in our body. It is made directly from the red onion. Onion leads to the eye area and nasal to drinking water, which is applied according to the rules of homeopathy to manage conditions result in the identical effect within your body for instance colds in addition to flu. Anxiety, fear of pain, and dullness of mind are not uncommon in individuals who respond well to Allium cepa, but there are no marked emotional symptoms indicative of the remedy. Main symptoms and uses of Allium cepa
Core Symptoms
01 HeadacheBoring pain mostly in the forehead area are the main symptom of Allium cepa  for headache.
02 Allergies Internal ear infections, Upper-respiratory infections, Allergies when they have a leaning to go into the eyes causing the watery eyes, Hay fever are allergy related symptoms of Allium cepa.
03 Cough From inhaling chilly air and environment, painful and tearing feeling, grasps throat are the symptoms for cough.
04 Cold Symptoms of Allium cepa for clod are - Spring colds, discharge is acidic, nostrils and upper lip become sore & red, bland release from eyes, excess mucous from the nose, burning surrounding skin.
05 Hay Fever Excess mucous, burning, plentiful watery release from nose and eyes.
06 Sore Throat Burning and smarting sensation are the symptoms of Allium cepa for throat.
07 Laryngitis
Beginning laryngitis and Hoarseness
Core uses of Allium cepa:-Allium cepa is needed mainly with the treatment of coughs along the common cold seen as bountiful, watering catarrh in which leaves your skin layer annoyed in addition to uncomfortable. Indications generally build pursuing exposure to cold temperatures and soaked winds. They could be related to existent temperature, particularly when together with sensitivity for the fragrance of flowers. Allium cepa gets its popularity just for cold problem in some specific symptoms.