Symptoms and uses of Actaea spicata

Actaea spicata Homeopathic remedy 

Actea Spicata can be a acceptable fix for synovial rheumatism, and especially rheumatism from the smaller knees and lower back. Rheumatic pain around tiny joints, including hand, fingers, ankles, feet. Actea Spicata includes a special affinity for a rheumatism of your wrist articulation. Your bones starts off aching as there are inflammation out of small weakness. There may be overwhelming discomfort. Bones usually are sore to touch having weakness and pins and needles. Arm can be swollen and red Aches tend to be on the violent carrying, drawing personality. Actea Spicata also helps in Writers cramping. There's also bringing ache with loins.Symptoms and uses of Actaea 

Main symptoms of Actea Spicata 

Mind : Angry delirium 

Ears : Ears painful to the touch, severe pain in ears when blowing or sneezing the nose are the symptoms of Actaea spicata for ears. 

Head: Dull headache, boring pain in head, pressive headache, pain which seems seated in the periosteum are the head symptoms. 

Face : Pain as of rheumatism in the face area are seen. 

Eyes: For Eyes we see the symptoms are - Catarrhal ophthalmia, sugillations of the conjunctiva, spots before eyes when looking gradually, objects seem blue colored. 

Mouth : Salivary discharge increased and a little fetid odd from mouth 
Nose : Aching in nose and epistaxis 

Throat : Submaxillary glands, glands painful when chewing, pains in throat when breathing cold morning, tearing pains in throat, throat becomes aching when talking are the symptoms of Actaea spicata for throat. 

Abdomen : For Abdomen the symptoms are - Irregular reductions in abdomen, throbbing and beating in right hypochondrium, diarrhea would occur, pain in abdomen. 

Stomach : Lack of desire to eat, hunger with dislike to food, nausea, vomiting of sour matters, painful pressure at pit of stomach, nervousness after a meal are the symptoms for the stomach. 

Stool : Stool is pappy, abundant emission of flatulence, constipation are the rare symptoms of Actaea spicata. 

Respiratory organs : Not easy breathing, pain in the hip, pain in the abdomen are seen for the Respiratory organs. 

Uses:- Actaea spicata is generally used as the remedy of gout or rheumatism. We saw its 30 potency is most powerful to remove the pain of the fingers and small joint of our body.