Homeopathy and Easy Childbirth

Now a day’s homeopathy makes the childbirth process very easy. It is really a complicated process. But some homeopathic remedies such a pulsatilla, Kali phos help women for giving birth with no trouble. But you may know that homeopathic remedies vary person to person. So you need to discuss with any homeopath before taking any remedies. Here are some other helpful remedies which are given below.
  • Pulsatilla 30: Advised to take 3-4 drops in a glass of water every 4 hours once contractions start 
  • Arnica 1m: Advised to take a dose 1 week before due date and another dose after the delivery. But not sure what 1 dose is? 
  • Kali Phos 6x and Mag Phos 6x: Advised to mix 12 tablets of each in lukewarm water & drink every 2 hours once contractions start. I'm unclear on whether I keep drinking the same solution of make a new solution with 24 new tablets every 2 hours? 
  • Kali phos is the good suggestion to calm nerves. But mag.phos may be counterproductive as it will reduce the intensity of the cramps. Not a good thing to do while laboring  You need powerful contractions for easy delivery. 
  • My suggestion is to mix 6 tablets of Kaliphos alone in a large glass and keep sipping a tablespoonful out of it every two hours. No need to make a fresh preparation every two hours. 
  • This option is out of the above three.One can only practice this option only: Give Pulsatilla 10M, (keep about 4 doses in the purse for ready availability : the first dose to be taken on entering the LABOURE room,and thereafter repeat the dose every 3 or 4 hours till delivery. This formula has proven successful in a large number of cases.But pulsitilla 30 is popular to all homeopathy doctors.
This is an important matter in the life of every woman. If you do not know the bais rules of homeopathy it is better to take an idea discussing with any skilled homeopath before taking any homeopathic remedies.