Can homeopathy help to increase body height?

Increase body height using homeopathic remedies
In the realm of homeopathic science there are almost 11 remedies which have effective action to increase the body height. During my internship one of my teachers Dr. Majibar who is a renowned homeopath in Bangladesh informed us that he got 50% success to remove dwarfishness. He got the success to increase the body height by using some homeopathic remedies in a systematic way.
Yes, homeopathic remedies can increase the height of your body. But you need to discuss with an experienced homeopath about your full physical condition before taking any medicines. Physician may give you some test (GHD and GH stimulation tests are common) to ensure about the specific reasons of the growth disorder. Observing details about your internal and external condition only a skilled physician can give you an appropriate solution.

Calcarea Phosphorica, Sulphur, Calcarea Fluoricum, Acidum Phosphoricum, Thuja occidentalis, Argentum metallicum, Thyroidinum, Senecio aureus, Kali phosphoricum, Baryta carbonica, Alfalfa are most common homeopathy remedies for this problem. If you know the fundamental rules of homeopathy then it is very good for yourself. You can easily use the suitable remedies identifying the specific symptoms according to the lows of homeopathy.

Many people ask me about the use and availability of these remedies. Remember the names of homeopathic medicines are universal. So you can purchase these medicines anywhere in the world. The action of all homeopathic medicines depends on their purity. So I suggest to use the pure remedies. It is easy to purchase these remedies from every big cities of any country. Wholesale shop is better to get any homeopathic remedies.

Here I need to share an information that you can take other medicines with homeopathic remedies such as herbal, ayurvedic, unani, alopathy etc. But remember if you need to take any antibiotic tablet or capsules just stop the homeopathic medicines at that time. Empty stomach is more appropriate to take homeopathy remedies. You can take all kinds of homeopathic remedies before or after half an hour taking your male.