Aethusa cynapium:Symptoms and uses

In all fatal cases of diarrhea and vomiting Aehusa helps to remove the critical condition as like as an angel. Especially it works better for children. You may not find such kinds of homeopathic medicines like it which can show its prompt action in those serious cases. We apply Aehusa in the condition when the symptoms of disease come very suddenly in hot and warm weather. Here is a short briefing about Aehusa.
Homeopathic Aethusa Cynapium
Core Symptoms
Heart and Pulse
Imperceptible, Irregular, Violent palpitation of the heart, Pulse full and rapid hard and rapid, Pulse also frequent and small are the symptoms of Aethusa cynapium for Heart and Pulse
Confusion is main symptom of Aethusa cynapium for Mind. Other symptoms are - Incapability to think Immense agitation and nervousness, Followed by violent pains in head and abdomen, Awful humor, Tetchiness, Delirium; sees dogs and cats, Tries to bound out of the window.
03 Mouth Distasteful, wet tongue, taste is bitter, Apathies in mouth in addition to the throat.
04 Head Brain suffers bound up, Head confused, Dizziness along with drowsiness, Incapability to hold the head erect, Upsetting pains in the nape of neck, Feeling as if the sides of the head were in a vise are the main symptoms of Aethusa cynapium for head
05 Face
For Aethusa cynapium face shows the following symptoms - A drawn state, Start at the alae nasi, extending to the corner of the mouth, giving the face an appearance of immense nervousness
06 Eyes Responsive weight, dilated pupils, eyes prominent & luminous, scrofulous ophthalmic, The edges of lids inflamed along with agglutinated at the night time are symptoms of Aethusa cynapium for eyes.
Neck & Back
Stressful pain in occiput and nape of neck, Pain in the extending down the backbone
08 Stool Diarrhea is main symptom, stools greenish or bright-yellow color, stools also slimy, watery, most obstinate constipation.
09 Stomach Aethusa cynapium shows some common symptoms for stomach. These are - Painful contraction of stomach, Severe as to stop the vomiting, Violent nausea and vomiting of curdled milk as well as tasteless material intolerance of the milk, it is effectively turned out almost as soon as swallowed,Weakness causes sleepiness

How to use Aethusa cynapium:- Before applying Aethusa you should observe the patient's physical condition very carefully. I have mentioned above that it is especially for children. You may see the child has the appearance as if it were dying, light or pale face, the eyes are sunken, a ashen-blue pallor around the lips, and there is a depressed situation around the nose side. These are some specifics symptoms which are physically seen. But there are some special signs of Aethusa such as vomiting. If you can give proper treatment under close observation then it is become very easy to remove all fatal symptoms of Aethusa.